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Why is Website Security and Maintenance So Important?

JS Website Design offers Security & Maintenance for your existing website. 

Just like a car, your website needs regular maintenance and updates to ensure that it is working at its optimal best. 

In today’s day and age it is very important to keep your website secure and updated.  Cyber crime is a real threat to your business and website attack numbers are rapidly increasing each year that goes by. 

Why Choose JS Website Design For Your Website Security & Maintenance?

Jordan completed his Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology in 2014 and has since worked in IT for 7 years. He has worked in Cyber Security for one of Australia’s largest companies for 5 years. With this experience, Jordan has a deep understanding of the threats to websites and knows how best to protect your website and business online.

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Why Is Regular Website Maintenance So Important?

Out of date websites are vulnerable to hacking because they may have missing security patches or plugins. This can lead to online criminals gaining access through these vulnerabilities and compromising your website. 

In order to protect your website from being hacked, one of the most critical things you can do is ensure that it is regularly updated and backed up. 

Why Are Regular Website Backups So Important?

A website backup is a backup of your entire website, including the database and settings. Having regular backups for your website ensures that if something happens to your website, you can easily restore it back without losing any important information. 

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Website Security and Maintenance Packages

JS Website Design offers a range of Website Security & Maintenance services to suit your business needs:

Our Website Security and Maintenance Packages Can Include:


Website Hosting


Hosting Support


Daily website backups to multiple offsite locations


Installation and maintenance of an SSL certificate


Website Security


Uptime Monitoring


Regular website updates across framework, theme and plugins