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What is a Google Business Profile and Why Should Your Business Get One?

In the last quarter of 2021, Google introduced Google Business Profile to replace Google My Business. The rebranding wasn’t just a name change – it was a significant upgrade to how businesses will manage their profiles moving forward.

Optimising your Google Business Listing should make up a significant part of your marketing strategy if you plan to succeed online. According to Statista, Google maintains over 92 percent of the Global market share of search engines. So, it only makes sense for your business to be visible on the world’s most popular search engine (i.e. have a Google Business Profile). 

In this article, we explore what a Google Business Listing is and why your business should get one. We also take a look at what it costs and provide insights on how to attract potential clients to your online or physical location.

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What Is A Google Business Listing? 

A Google Business Listing is a free business listing on Google that allows businesses to add and edit their information directly on Google Maps and Google Search. It displays essential information about a business, such as its location, contact details, opening hours, services, reviews, and pictures in the search result.

Google Business Listings bridge the gap between customers and local businesses by helping them find the best options nearby.  Users and customers can add a business location or leave a review on Google to help others discover it.

For business owners, Google Business Listing offers a unique and efficient way to connect with local customers. It is an excellent tool to manage your business’s online presence and has everything you need to succeed locally.

Keep in mind that customers prefer to deal with verified businesses. So, it’s always a good idea to verify your Google Business Listing to build trust with potential customers. Standard verification methods include postcards, live video calls, video recording, email, text, and phone.

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Why You Should Get A Google Business Profile

There are four main reasons for getting a Google Business Profile, namely:

  • Increasing your online visibility 
  • More control over your business’ online information
  • Building credibility and trust 
  • Engaging with customers

Increasing Your Online Visibility

Creating a Google Business Profile enhances your online visibility, helping you get more leads and traffic from the internet. Your Google Business Profile shows up on relevant Google searches as well as on Google Maps, boosting your business’s online visibility with very little effort.  It is also an excellent strategy for your local SEO ranking.

More Control Over Your Business’ Online Information

With a Google Business Profile, you can control and update your contact information, products/services available, and opening hours. You can also add temporary information or updates such as holiday opening hours, temporary closes, reopenings, or service expansions.

Building Credibility And Trust

The review feature of your Google Business Profile builds credibility and trust for your company. Reviews act as social proof and rest assured that customers almost always read reviews before making a purchase. They give customers a better picture of what to expect from your product/service. Having a verified Google Business Profile helps establish your business as legitimate.

Engaging With Customers

Sharing what you have been up to on your Google Business Profile can give your business a bit of character and personality. It helps you appear more approachable and attracts more messages and phone calls from potential clients.

How Much Does A Google Business Listing Cost? 

A Google Business Listing costs $0. That means it’s free for businesses to set up an online presence on Google. You can create single or multiple business listings with a single Google account. What’s more, managing your Google Business Listing doesn’t attract any extra cost.

So, is a Google Business Profile worth it? 

A resounding

A Google Business Profile establishes your online presence on Google Search and Google Maps. This means more leads and traffic from the world’s most visited search engine. It also provides customers easy access to your address, contact details, opening hours, services, reviews, and more. Other reasons for establishing a Google Business Profile include control over your business’ online information, building trust and credibility, and boosting customer engagement.

Used correctly, it is one of the best online marketing tools for your business. Ignoring it could make your business obsolete (at least on Google). Add to this the idea that it’s free to use creating a Google Business Profile is an absolute no-brainer!

If you are unsure about how to set up your Google Business Listing, are having issues or want to get more out of your listing, contact our team at JS Website Design today. We can help you set up, optimise and manage your listing so it can work better for your business. 

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