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Why Responsive Website Design is so Important for your Business

Responsive Web Design Penrith

Responsive website design is so important with today’s ever changing technology. In 2019, over 50% of Google searches were made on a mobile phone. This means that an effective website must be able to respond to multiple devices

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a website design approach that allows your site to automatically adjust to suit the user’s screen size and device. For example, if you are viewing a website and decide to switch from your laptop to your tablet, the website should automatically adjust to your chosen platform and orientate to your screen. Website layouts, images and text should all respond to multiple platforms. Your website should be easy to read and navigate no matter which device is used.

So why is a responsive website so important? 

1. The number of mobile users continues to grow

Each year the number of mobile searches continues to increase. With more people interacting online through a number of devices, it has never been more important for a website to respond to this ever changing technology. Modern website design dictates that a responsive website is a necessity. You do not want to lose valuable customers simply because your website was difficult to use on other devices.

2. Optimal Design for Every Device

A mobile responsive website takes the hassle out of creating multiple websites to suit a number of devices. A responsive website does all the hard work for you – it scales images, headings, fonts and layouts appropriately to achieve the best website that is functional and user friendly across all devices.

3. Improve User Experience

Creating a positive user experience is vital for any website. You want to make it easy for the user to navigate and find the information that they need. This also applies to the responsiveness of the site. You don’t want to lose a customer simply because your website was too difficult to navigate on their phone or tablet. Responsive web design ensures that your website’s layout, images and text will respond to all devices making it easy for the user to navigate your site.

4. Improves Page Loading Times

A responsive website has been shown to improve page loading times. As recommended by Google themselves, your website will load faster if it is optimised across multiple devices. Fast page loading times are also an important SEO factor which allows your website to be seen and gives the use a positive experience on your site.

5. Decreases your Website Bounce Rate

Firstly what is a website bounce rate? The bounce rate of your website is a measure where a person comes to your website but leaves almost immediately without taking any action – they “bounce” straight off your site. Creating a modern website that is responsive ensures your website looks great and is easy to navigate across multiple devices meaning the user can still find the information they need without “bouncing” off your site and onto someone else’s.

6. Great for SEO

Google values a website that is mobile responsive and therefore gives these websites a boost in the search engine rankings. Do not let yourself fall behind your competitors simply because your website is not optimised. Search engine optimisation is vital if you wish to grow your business. Talk to us about SEO Services today.

Responsive website design is vital for any business competing in the digital age. Contact us today to discuss your website needs and how you can take your website to the next level.

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