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SEO Case Study – Penrith Dental Practice

A targetted approach that has doubled service based leads each month.

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In 2018, Smith Street Dental partnered with us for a comprehensive overhaul of their outdated website and an ongoing SEO strategy. Over the years, our collaboration has not only transformed their online presence but has significantly impacted their business.

Client Background:

Smith Street Dental, a thriving dental practice, sought our expertise to revamp their website and enhance their online visibility. Facing stiff competition in the dental niche, they needed a strategic approach to stand out in the digital landscape.

Project Goals:

  • Redesign the website for a modern, user-friendly experience.
  • Implement a targeted SEO strategy to improve search engine rankings.
  • Focus on competitive keywords such as “family dentist,” “cosmetic dentistry,” and “Invisalign.”


The dental industry’s competitiveness and the need for a nuanced approach to SEO were the primary challenges. We aimed to address these challenges by targeting specific, industry-related keywords and optimizing the website’s content.

Strategy and Approach:


  1. Website Redesign:

    • Undertook a comprehensive redesign, ensuring a contemporary and user-friendly layout.
    • Discussed core services to highlight on the website, emphasizing worker keywords and specialized services like Invisalign.
  2. SEO Implementation:

    • Conducted in-depth keyword and competition research to inform the SEO strategy.
    • Added blog articles targeting long-tail keywords, linking back to services like Invisalign.
    • Optimized service pages with targeted keywords, valuable links, and customer-focused content.
    • Enhanced off-page SEO through natural backlink integration and Google Business Listing optimisation.


Over the past 2-3 years, despite the challenges posed by COVID lockdowns, Smith Street Dental experienced remarkable growth:

The numbers say it all… during our 2020-21 SEO campaign…

Business Impact:

The numbers tell a compelling story, but the real impact goes beyond statistics:

  • The practice, now booked weeks in advance, is the busiest it has ever been.
  • New and returning clients are flocking to Smith Street Dental each month.
  • Increase in Invisalign consultations each month


Our long-term partnership with Smith Street Dental showcases the transformative power of a strategic website redesign and ongoing SEO efforts. The positive trends in website metrics and the substantial increase in Invisalign consultations underscore the effectiveness of our collaborative approach.

Visit the site to see the results firsthand: smithstreetdental.com.au

If you’re seeking similar results for your business, contact us today to discuss how our dental web design and SEO services can elevate your online presence and drive tangible business growth.

Here is what Smith Street Dental had to say about the website redesign… 

"JS Website Design was given the task of redesigning and improving my dental website. It now looks more professional with a lot more content and is a lot more user and mobile friendly. The ongoing support is also great with SEO ideas which have increased our Google ranking considerably. Highly recommended.."
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Dr Peter Sidhom
Dentist, Smith Street Dental